Regardless of the how big or small your matter is you need to find a Lawyer who will give you the best outcome for your situation. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.


You need to give your Lawyer all the facts. By being dishonest or leaving out important information it could end up being a costly experience and also not help you achieve the outcome expected. If all relevant information is discussed at the start there will be no surprises later on and it may help put a strategy in place.


If you are not sure on what is being said ask. The legal jargon can be confusing and you want to make sure you are instruction your Solicitor properly. If you don’t understand the advice or information your Solicitor is giving you how do you know what you are instructing them to do. It is always better to discuss any queries first. There is no point in having doubts and discussing them at the end. It is not only a waste of your time and your Solicitor but can also be costly.


There is no point going to a lawyer who specialises in Family Law when you need a Criminal Lawyer. Also you need to be able to discuss you case with your lawyer and know you are both working towards the same outcome.


Make a list of questions that you want to know. Regardless of what the appointment is for it is always good to write down a few questions of things you want to know. Not just things you want to know but even important bits of information relevant to your matter. This will not only be a better use of the appointment time but also and saves on follow up calls later on.


Even through your Solicitor has extensive legal knowledge they cannot move all mountains. Be realistic about what to expect. There is no point expecting outcome A when you have instructed your Solicitor to work for outcome B.