The city of Geelong is entering into a new era.

With the closure of key manufacturers, Geelong is shifting its focus to clean-tech industries and job diversity.

Our objective is to build “The Sea Dragon” to attract thousands of visitors to our great city, boost the economy and create an icon for the future of Geelong and its people.

One thing that drives our purpose is the defined lack of marine infrastructure/ attractions at our Waterfront, which dampers the development of Geelong’s Waterfront activities, regional tourism and in general, business activities in Geelong and surrounding regions.

Asides from boosting our economy, Restaurants, Retailers and Tourism operators love it and it will go a long way to revitalizing our C.B.D.

Just as importantly it will be an inspiration to locals and boost confidence in our region in these difficult times.


Senia Lawyers wished to benefit the community and embarked upon an exciting initiative to give Geelong the positive profile it deserves whilst helping the Region’s economy.

The Geelong Icon competition was held and there were a flood of entries, some 86.

JOH Architects won the competition with a wind driven sculptural design named “The Sea Dragon”.

The design draws inspiration from Geelong’s history as a port city that is connected to Farming and Industry, as well as a vision for a sustainable, independent City of the future.

The Leafy Dragon animal lives and breathes in Corio Bay.

The originator of the competition, Mr Andrew Senia, paid JOH Architects the prize money of $10,000 for their inspirational design.


The Sea Dragon is made up of seven masts that have been designed to make the most of the available wind energy.

Turbines on top of the masts transfer their energy through a simple gearing system that rotates a barrel, which acts as an elongated corkscrew. The barrel makes contact with the water on each rotation, drawing the water up and over it in a wave-like motion along the full length of the seventy-five-metre long sculpture.

The speed at which the barrel turns depends on the speed of the wind driving the turbines.

The sculpture sits on the floating pontoon that is connected to the existing breakwater, meaning it doesn’t take up valuable waterfront land but is a high profile asset to Geelong’s existing Waterfront.

It is self-sufficient using clean, non-polluting natural energy. It is transportable, it’s unique!


The floating pontoon will be made of aluminium. The mast and turbines are a combination of aluminium and carbon fibre. The corkscrew will be made of carbon fibre.

Deakin University has its own carbon fibre department and is trying to create an industry in Geelong. This will create more jobs for the region, 150 have already been announced.


Various cultures have viewed Dragons as representing the primal force in nature and the Universe whilst in China the Dragon is symbol of power, strength and good luck for people who are worthy of it.

Asian Dragons are associated by water in some way.


Apart from being a strong focal point it will surely mark this activity hub whilst having a neutral impact on the usability of the area.

There is an existing open space on the Geelong Waterfront and this is a valuable space for public, however it is already established and does contain many land structures and to reduce the size of that area with another structure would indeed have a negative impact on the usability of the space.

The sea dragon however; could fill a unique void on Geelong’s Waterfront that is not already absorbed by other activities such as;

  • Existing sculptures
  • Sea planes
  • Classic sailing ships
  • Helicopters
  • Our Yacht Club
  • Piers
  • The Carousel

An aim is to keep the tourists who visit our Waterfront for the above, to stay longer and spend more.

This space is perfectly suited for a sculpture of this nature. The existing sea wall provides the perfect location to stroll along and absorb “The mood of the Dragon”.


The winners of the competition – JOH Architects- have made a working model of the Sea Dragon which is located at the Senia Lawyers office at 94 Gheringhap Street Geelong, where it can be viewed by appointment.

The design and model are continually being improved.

For instance we are thinking of nine turbines to represent the nine lives of the Cat (Geelong Football Club) or to have the sculpture in blue and white.

Austeng Engineered Solutions have come on board and they are keen to work on what they describe as a prestige project.

Apart from their engineering expertise and experience with the EcoWhisper turbine, they are also a company well known to the COGG and various branches of the State Government.

The Engineers advise that there will be more than ample power which can be utilised to source other sites with energy.

With the recent announcements regarding business closure and job losses in Geelong the involvement of a local, well known, reliable, Geelong based manufacturer in this project may assist its passage through the bureaucratic process.


The next stage is to increase awareness and get others involved. A business case must be prepared (estimated cost $100,000.)

The projected total estimated costs to manufacture the Sea Dragon and to install it is between $2.5 – $3 million dollars.

The funds will have to be granted or raised.

Permits will have to be obtained and the co-operation of all parties involved will need to be obtained.

Senia Lawyers have worked on this project for almost 2 years and together with JOH Architects have devoted a substantial amount of their own time and money.

The time is soon for a handover to a Local and State Government.

There is room for sponsorship and a partnership between Private Enterprise and Government.

As the concept and project was envisaged and worked on by private citizens without one dollar of Government funds used it has truly been a project for the people by the people.


Support for the Sea Dragon is growing fast, so far it has the support of:-

  • Senia Lawyers
  • JOH Architects
  • Austeng Engineered Solutions
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering and Built Environment, Deakin University
  • Various Politicians
  • Various Councillors
  • Geelong Chamber of Commerce
  • Enterprise Geelong
  • Geelong Sustainability Group and their Associates
  • Tourism Geelong
  • Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine
  • Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia
  • Crowe Horwath – Accountants
  • Central Geelong Marketing
  • Mecure Hotel Geelong
  • Earthworks
  • Tangent Prototyping
  • Silver Gulls Alumni Association(Geelong High School)
  • Various media outlets
  • CRS Australia
  • Central Geelong Marketing
  • Growing Concern
  • RBS Morgans
  • Geelong Finance Company
  • WaterHouse Kirtly Keys
  • Simple Property Investments
  • Geelong Professional Alliance Network
  • Geelong Blinds Co.
  • Town and Country Pizza and Pasta Geelong Waterfront
  • Waterfront Seafood
  • Rush Hour Geelong
  • LeParisien Restaurant Geelong

Below The Sea Dragon is brought to life with images of “The Sea Dragon” by JOH Architects.

Enquiries to Erin at Senia Lawyers.

Telephone (03) 5221 6788 – Email: info@senia.com.au

Or you can view the working model and real life pictures on YouTube: