Sometimes litigation is unavoidable and legal proceedings are necessary in a Court or Tribunal to determine and enforce legal rights. Participants (plaintiffs and defendants) are called litigants. The process includes filing the proceedings and prosecuting them or defending against them. Often there are counter claims by the Defendant to the Plaintiff’s original proceedings and sometimes third parties are joined.

There are various steps involved in the litigation process where an experienced and skillful Lawyer can be of immense benefit. The legal solution if the matter goes to a hearing or trial involves an impartial person such as a Magistrate or Judge hearing arguments on both sides and delivering a judgment.

Litigation is an adversarial and usually public process that tends to create a winner and a loser. Our policy at Senia Lawyers is to do our very best for our own client and deliver a result that will make our client that winner. Also by giving timely, strategic advice and being involved in the negotiation process we optimize our client’s legal position in order to have an early resolution to their case or to put them in the best possible position for the hearing and to obtain the best result possible.

Our motto “The less you leave to chance, the more chance you’ve got” is not quoted lightly.

If you want to optimize your chances of being the winner you should contact us immediately if you are involved in litigation or if litigation is pending.

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