Geelong Ratepayers

Our Principal, Andrew Senia, the President of the Geelong Ratepayers, has spent numerous hours and office resources advancing the rights of ratepayers in Geelong. Last Friday, the Geelong Indy ran a story of the Mayor and a council officer going off on a $8,000 trip overseas and, last Saturday, the Geelong Advertiser reported the view of the Geelong Ratepayers, who do not wish their money to be unjustifiably spent. In last night’s council meeting, rates were increased again, which Mr. Senia has already objected to, on behalf on Ratepayers. The following link is to the Geelong Advertiser article.

Should you wish to join the Geelong Ratepayer group, please contact our treasurer, Mr. Jim Collins, on 0400 080 164.

Read the article here.

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