Professional Alliances and Services – Senia Lawyers

Senia Lawyers are a small, local law firm catering for the legal requirements of the people of Geelong. As one might imagine, the quarter of a million inhabitants of the Greater Geelong Region need representation in a vast array of legal and other fields. With this in mind, Andrew Senia has foreseen the benefits of establishing strategic links to a variety of well-connected services which may be called upon to benefit his clients.

No business is an island and by frequently interacting with these other service providers, strong ties have emerged which are useful in the pursuit of his clients’ interests. Whether it is finance, stock broking, insurance, financial planning accountancy or real estate expertise you are after, knowledgeable assistance is only a phone call away. Additionally, as Andrew and his team represent your interests, they themselves are only willing to deal with others who equally only have your interests as their focus.

The advantages to clients of a small, local legal firm establishing these professional alliances are:-

  1. Personalized service.
  2. Regardless of the size and nature of the problem, Senia Lawyers has the connections to help.
  3. There’s no getting lost in the system of a large, bureaucratic firm.
  4. Attention to detail.
  5. Accountability.

Senia Lawyers – small enough to be personal, connected enough to be a powerhouse.

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