Our focus is to successfully deliver innovative solutions for our clients when handling their personal and business legal requirements.

Our expertise areas are:

  1. Individual and Corporate Defenses against Police and State Prosecutions
  2. Wills, Estate and Succession Planning
  3. Probate
  4. Contested Wills and Estates
  5. Defamation
  6. Intervention Orders
  7. Commercial Law (including; Negotiating Agreements, Leases, Franchises, Licences and Joint Ventures)
  8. Corporate Law
  9. Formation of companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Superannuation
  10. Tourism and Travel Law
  11. Sports Law
  12. Administrative Law
  13. Advice on Mortgages and Loan Document
  14. Counsels and the rights of Ratepayers
  15. Buying and Selling Documentation

We obtain the best result we can in the most cost effective, value for money way we can. Whether it be a fixed charge, hourly charge or a particular scale of costs all are negotiable. We also provide written estimates.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

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