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Your Business Legal Partner: Commercial Law Solutions in Geelong, Richmond VIC

Senia Lawyers’ competent staff has handled a wide range of legal difficulties that businesses and corporate organizations face in today’s ever-changing market. We offer comprehensive and practical guidance to help our clients find the best option for their business.

Senia Lawyers can help you create and run a successful business, and they are specialists in aiding you with any challenges or disputes that may arise. We are professionals in assisting you with any problems or disagreements you may have. Our long-term connections with our clients, as well as the results we’ve achieved for them, have been the foundation of our success. We understand your business and are committed to assisting you in making it a success.

Senia Lawyers represent clients in these areas and often appear in the Victorian Civil Administration Tribunal (VCAT).

Practice area involves:

Our skilled team at Senia Lawyers are experienced in a diverse range of legal issues facing businesses and corporate entities in today’s ever changing market. We provide comprehensive and practical advice to assist our clients in achieving the best possible solution for their business.

Senia Lawyers’ can assist you in starting up and maintaining the success of your business and are experts in assisting you with any issues or disputes that may arise. We are experts in assisting you with any issues or disputes that may arise. Our success in Business and Commercial Law has been built on our long lasting relationships and with our clients and the results we have achieved for them. With one of Geelong’s leading business people at its helm, Senia Lawyers understands your business and will help you make it a success.

This is a sample of the extensive business solutions services we offer:

  • Business structuring and succession
  • Commercial Leases
  • Buying and Selling
  • Commercial and Business Dispute Resolution
  • Negotiating Agreements, Leases, Franchises, Licenses and Joint Ventures
  • Development of Joint Ventures
  • Corporations Law
  • Asset protection
  • Formations of Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Superannuation
  • Contracts
  • Debt Recovery
Formation of Companies, Trusts, Partnerships
Guardianship and administration
Business structuring and succession
Negotiating Agreement, Leases, Franchises, Licenses, and Joint Ventures
Corporation Laws
Asset protection
Employment contracts
Trademarks, patents, and intellectual property

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