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I was charged with a very serious criminal offence by Melbourne Police. I made enquiries for the best Lawyer to represent me and I was referred to Andrew Senia of Senia Lawyers in Geelong. I am so glad I used Andrew with his vast knowledge and experience he was able to steer the case in the right direction and use a good Barrister from the start. Andrew had conduct of the case and came to Melbourne for the Hearing. Within two days he was able to use his skill and obtained a withdrawal of the four most serious charges leaving only one for me to answer to. Throughout the Court procedure I did not have to give evidence. My family is very appreciative of Senia Lawyers as am I. I would recommend them without the slightest hesitation.

Name withheld for privacy reasons

My dealings with Andrew began with a phone call and ended up in a very respectful and professional relationship that will remain on-going. Andrew’s advice has always been accurate, forthcoming and supportive. Andrew puts his clients’ interests above all else and he delivered a resounding victory in my case against a company of global significance with considerable financial fighting power. Andrew will engage any client regardless of background, wealth or status and does so without fear or favour using his vast and lengthy experience combined with his excellent people skills. Andrew’s staff are friendly and efficient and I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking for legal representation or advice.

Name withheld for privacy reasons

I went to see Andrew to get an idea of what to do about police charges against me. Andrew explained all my options and it was decided that he would brief a barrister to represent me at court. On the morning of the hearing I met the Barrister before so as she could reconfirm what had happened so that she had a better understanding following the work Andrew had done and the briefing he had given her prior to the trail. From the understanding we got from the Barrister while talking to her you could tell she had been extremely well briefed. We made our way to the court with a lot of uncertainty facing me. Once my hearing started it was a bit of a whirlwind until after just a few minutes the Barrister turned around and said we were free to go. We walked out of the court with no criminal conviction, no loss of license and no fine. The only thing I was left with was the loss of points for using the mobile. This was far better than any result I had thought I would get. I can only say that the use of Andrew and his team gave me a result beyond my wildest dreams. The cost of the legal advice was a well worth it in the end as I can now continue my business as I had before. This was greatly at risk before the court hearing

Name withheld for privacy reasons

I walked into Senia Lawyer’s office on the water front without appointment. I had been recommended to Senia lawyers by many people and I’m glad I accepted there recommendation. I found there advice very helpful and the problem I had was resolved. I found very friendly knowledgeable and helpful staff. I would recommend anyone who needs good legal service to use Senia Lawyers.

Lorraine Clark

“I was charged with serious criminal offences and I sought the representation of a large criminal law legal firm. Whilst that firm represented me I was given the sentence indication by the court that I would receive a jail sentence. I knew it was time to change to Senia Lawyers. Andrew Senia and his team did a thorough job. They were eager to help and left no stone unturned. At the end the matter was resolved and I did not get jail at all. Senia Lawyers are at the top of my list for any legal work. I was so pleased that I went to thank Andrew and his team personally.”

Name withheld for privacy reasons

Senia Lawyers have represented us for some time in a variety of matters including Commercial, Wills and Powers of Attorney. Always Senia Lawyers have been pleasant to deal with as well as being efficient. One thing that surprised us was how the Principal of Senia Lawyers, Andrew Senia, helped us in our time of need when other Lawyers would not. We will always be grateful for what Senia Lawyers did for us and how they did it.”

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