“Defamation” is a wrong of injuring and others reputation, without good reason or justification.

It is governed through the defamation act and the common law.

There are various legal elements which must be proven for someone to be found liable for defamation and there are various defences available.

Senia lawyers have successfully represented clients in this area of law which requires knowledge, skill and understanding to achieve good results.

Proceedings for defamation must be initiated no later than one year after the alleged defamatory and a publisher, within 28 days of receiving a notice of complaint, without admitting or affecting its liability, can voluntarily make an offer of amends.

Defamation can be made in any way. Including orally, in writing, electronically, gesture, or images. There defamation may be either directly, or by implication. If your reputation has been attacked or if others have accused you of attacking their reputation you should see us immediately as the early stages have a large influence on what follows.

We will prove everything you have in mind. Just hire us.

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