Traffic Offences

Strict liability is attached to many traffic offences, but not all of them. We have dealt with Fines Victoria with excellent results for our clients. We have also appeared many times in the Magistrates’ and County Courts, and we have been successful on appeals from these Courts with cases reported in the Victorian Law Reports.

Tourism law

Senia Lawyers have represented numerous and various operators in the Tourism Industry for many years. In fact you might say our Principal, Andrew Senia, has had more experience in this area than any other lawyer in the region.

There is a Tourism Victoria Act but there is no exclusive area of law or discipline that can be pin pointed as Tourism Law as such. Rather it’s a combination of legal areas that come together which are necessary in various Tourism transactions from starting and running a Tourism business to the rights of visitors and customers.

“To be a good tourism lawyer” Mr Senia said, “you must truly understand the needs of the Tourism Industry and the desires of the business owner or tourism operator.”

“From a small business to large organisations every business needs a good marketing plan, a good business plan, a financial plan, good operators and the assistance of professionals who understand their particular needs and the Industry.”

Andrew Senia truly understands the needs of the Tourism Industry and continues to support the Industry in various forms. He was involved in promoting the Industry, in the Geelong region, long before a Tourism Industry was established and has been President and Board member of various Tourism committees and organizations. He still gives legal advice to these. In addition he is a Tourism Operator in his own right having obtained a permit for a Motel at Torquay and having challenged the Surf Coast Shire successfully in VCAT to obtain that permit.

If you are part of the Tourism Industry or intend to be then you should make an appointment to see us now, we will give you good advice and steer you through the pitfalls before unforeseen mistakes are made and perhaps we can help you make good profits.

We will prove everything you have in mind. Just hire us.

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